“. . . I was a new mother going through some rough patches with an alcoholic husband, and Carolyn was my rock. Intensive counseling sessions with deeper explorations of my psyche not only got me through this stormy chapter of my life, but brought me the kind of knowledge, joy and self-love I’d never known. I think it’s Carolyn’s combination of professional training, personal astuteness, keen powers of observation, compassion plus that rare, ineffable quality of knowing when to be soft and when to dole out necessary tough love that makes her such a wise and wonderful psychotherapist and human being. I consider my training under, and friendship with Carolyn one of the great gifts of my life.”

Suzanne Gerber, Brooklyn, NY

“I had seen three therapists before I found Carolyn. While they were all very ‘supportive,’ none of them ever got to the bottom of my issues. Feeling justified in continuing my habitual actions, I kept getting results which made me unhappy and anxious. After a few sessions with Carolyn, I knew that things were going to change. In a gentle way, she really got to the heart of the matter and I now have the ability to look at myself and my relationships in an honest way. She has helped me tremendously.”   L.S.

“Okay, I just love Carolyn - she's been a true mentor in my life. Maybe what I love most about her work is that she is able to combine a grasp of the unique, almost soulful, poetic part of a person, with a hands on, objective and very clear way of looking at practical reality and decision making. She also has an amazing range of talents and skills. She not only helped me through a bad relationship to living independently, she also helped me create a home - organize, design, decorate a space where I can express myself. I think her process of working will engage you in building your own life, and finding the direction you really want to take. She's a person I cherish and it's been a truly therapeutic relationship in my life.”  J.R.

”I cannot recommend Carolyn Asnien highly enough. She helped me through some very difficult times in my life. After therapy sessions with her I felt clear-headed and energized. She is an extraordinarily gifted, wise, compassionate and warm person. Her generosity of spirit is enormous. Just being in her presence has always been a healing experience for me. I am a psychologist myself, so I think I can safely say she is a psychologist's psychologist! Carolyn is a joy!!!”  Diane G.

"When I began my work with Carolyn I felt like I had a higher purpose that I wanted to fulfill but lacked the means of bridging the gap between the day-to-day reality of bills to pay and fulfilling my true potential. It felt like an either/or dilemma: choose the 9 to 5 or resign myself to being a starving artist. Thankfully Carolyn helped me find a way to live the life I want to live by working with the resources that were available to me.

It was by learning to create my own creative process that I was able to access my talents, skills, and ingenuity and to use them in a constructive way. This was more than just “trusting” myself; Carolyn’s unique methods of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy showed me how I could maximize my potential and she taught me the tools that I use to this day in my work as an Astrologer. I will always be grateful to Carolyn for showing me how to create my own path, my own journey, and my own destination. It’s because of Carolyn that I have been able to realize my own creative vision in my own life.”

Christopher Renstrom