When we stand far, far back and look at our lives from a distance, it’s possible to see the ebbs and flows, the unfolding of one event leading to another. Close up, we are very involved in the moment - the pain of the moment, or the joy, or the boredom.

Psychotherapy helps put that moment into perspective, helps us stand back and see our lives as a moving and changing process. It offers an opportunity to recognize patterns, examine behavior and redefine goals - to deal more effectively with the ‘moment’ we are in.

Psychology can be defined in many ways, but ultimately, it is a far-ranging tool for understanding the human psyche and the almost primal desire to fully express ourselves in the world; psychotherapy is the process by which we can set this understanding and desire into motion.

Client Comment:

“I am a performer (dance/theatre) who upon reaching my late forties found myself struggling with a tangle of confusion. Age, ego, and relationships all seemed like impossible problems. In an extremely patient and frequently humorous way, Carolyn helped me use a performer's natural creative capacity to loosen the knot. She is a rare and excellent source of help. . .” R.B.

This therapeutic technique is an old and very beautiful art that offers immediate access to the unconscious, allowing us to strongly reinforce messages to ourselves about things we deeply want.

It has been found to be extremely effective in changing behaviors such as smoking, over-eating and generalized anxiety, as well as reducing or eliminating a variety of fears and phobias.

Client Comment:

“Several years ago I was a team participant in expedition racing. One of the legs of these races was a technical rope climb on very high steep cliffs and traverses. I was petrified of heights during training, paralyzed with a fear that stopped me in my tracks. I decided to seek help through hypnosis. Ms Asnien's professional skills and expertise helped me overcome my fear of heights and I was able to climb and manage my fears after one single session. I highly recommend her!” - Ilana Lobet

The consequences of addiction are as devastating as those of any other serious illness. When and how ‘recovery’ happens is still essentially a mystery, but setting priorities, building structure and having well-established goals keeps the process moving.

This therapy not only supports drug/alcohol abusers and addicts seeking help, but also works with family members who are experiencing the trauma of addiction in their lives.

Client Comment:

"I feel a great deal of gratitude to Carolyn Asnien, who met me when I was at the very lowest point of my addiction to drugs and alcohol. She saw me through the difficult first years of my recovery, my marriage, and the birth of my first child, always helping me question and negotiate my fears and the lies I tell myself, with a firm but compassionate hand. I'm now a confident person who is able to put the vicissitudes of life into perspective and appreciate his blessings, thanks in large part to Carolyn."  Alain M.